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Special Thanks:
Ann-for putting up with me
Barney B Boxbiter-for the HTML book that got me started
Naski-for all the empty coffee cups, the full ones too
Scott Boy-for all the advice when he's trying to work
Burak-the Mad Turk, who's always ready to hit Vietnam
My Brother Jim-for all the motocross stuff
Marie-for even more motocross stuff
Nick and Jon-the nephews, the rental kids, wind 'em up and send 'em home
Sharpie-"Best Boy"
Alicia-the poor girl has to put up with Kevin, and soon... spawn of Kevin
Paully P-West Side Brewing, Some Guy's Basement tattooing (coming someday)
G-Man and Rita-The first bass player and his wife, get healed soon
LaParka-for sitting
All the rest of the guys at work-for covering my lazy ass, and for all the sarcasm
Anyone I've forgotten-write your name here ___________________________
If you don't want pen on your screen, e-mail me, and I'll see what I can do about getting you added.

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